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Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR October 10 1959
Maclean’s Movies

Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR October 10 1959

Maclean’s Movies


THE F.B.I. STORY: James Stewart is his usual earnest and likeable self as a dedicated G-man in this long semi-documentary about the work of Uncle Sam’s Federal Bureau of Investigation. The fictitious domestic interludes, featuring the glamorous Vera Miles as the agent’s anxious but loyal wife, are less interesting than the crisp and authoritative scenes showing the F.B.I. in action against gangsters, spies and other foes of the Republic.

BORN RECKLESS: For maies in the audience, Mamie Van Doren as a cowgirl in snug costumes is never a dull spectacle. She relieves the tedium that otherwise afflicts this routine little rodeo comedy. Jeff Richards is her steerroping boy friend.

IT STARTED WITH A KISS: With a single raffle ticket an airforce sergeant (Glenn Ford) wins a showgirl bride (Debbie Reynolds) and a $40.000 futuristic automobile. Both of them bring him plenty of trouble in Spain, where his commanding general (Fred Clark) is being plagued by touring congressmen. A good light comedy, sometimes a bit self-consciously risqué.

THE MIRACLE OF THE HILLS: An “inspirational” western. A handsome, saintly parson (Rex Reason) purifies a grim little coal town by painlessly subduing the local bullies as well as the bleak landlady (Betty Lou Gerson) who dominates the community. Rating: fair.

THAT KIND OF WOMAN: incisive irony and insight are at work during a brilliant scene aboard a train during the war, recalling the tensions which often divided civilians from the servicemen who were defending them. Tab Hunter monotonously portrays an innocent GI in love with a rich man’s mistress (Sophia Loren). Jack Warden turns in an observant sketch of a shrewd paratrooper who knows how and when to feign a plausible limp as a psychological weapon.

YELLOWSTONE KELLY: Three luminaries of American TV serials are active in this corny but enjoyable western. They are Clint (“Cheyenne") Walker as a strong-and-silent mountain man, Ed (“Rookie") Byrnes as his tenderfoot assistant, and John (“Lawman") Russell as an implacable Indian chief.


Anatomy of a Murder: Courtroom drama. Excellent.

Ask Any Girl: Comedy. Good.

Behind the Mask: Hospital Drama. Fair.

Blue Denim: Drama. Fair.

Born to Be Loved: Drama. Fair.

The Bridal Path: British comedy. Good.

Carlton-Browne of the F.O.t British comedy. Good.

Compulsion: Crime drama. Good.

Cry Tough: Crime drama. Good.

Darby O’GHl and the Little People: Comic fantasy. Fair.

Don’t Give L!p l ire Ship: Jerry Lewis navy

The 5 Pennies: Biog-musical. Good.

The Heart of a Man: Comedy. Fair.

Holiday for Lovers: Comedy. Fair.

A Hole in the Head: Comedy. Good.

The Horse Soldiers: Adventure in Civil War. Good.

Hound of the Baskervilles: Sherlock Holmes mystery. Fair.

Last Train From Gun Hill: Suspense western. Good.

Legend of Torn Dooley: Drama. Good.

Look Back in Anger: Drama. Good.

Tlie Man Who Couldn’t Talk: Courtroom drama. Fair.

Middle of the Night: Drama. Fair.

The Mummy: Horror. Fair.

North by Northwest: Comedy-thriller by Hitchcock. Excellent.

The Nun’s Story: Drama. Excellent.

Porgy and Bess: Music-drama. Good.

Pork Chop Hill: War drama. Good.

A Private’s Affair: Comedy. Fair.

Return of the Fly: Horror. Poor.

Room at the Top: Adult drama from Britain. Excellent.

Sapphire: British whodunit. Fair.

Say One for Me: Comedy-drama. Fair. The Scapegoat: Drama. Fair.

Shake Hands With the Devil: Irish drama.

Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure: Melodrama in jungle. Fair.

10 Seconds to Hell: Suspense. Fair.

The 39 Steps: Comedy-thriller. Good. Tiger Bay: Suspense drama. Good.

Too Many Crooks: Comedy. Good.

Warlock: Western. Good.

Whirlpool: Riverboat drama. Poor.