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October 3, 1977

Closoup / Books

An Act of Templeton

Closeup/The Monarchy

Uhfaded glory


Closoup / Books

An Act of Templeton

For his next miracle, an international best seller



With John Robarts and Jean-Luc Pépin of the Unity Task Force


Closeup/The Monarchy

Uhfaded glory

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you...The Queen!



Did somebody stumble into the wrong church?

Hubert de Santana, the author of A Loss Of Faith (September 5), is one of the many who has never involved himself enough really to understand the Catholic Church’s teachings on the following: 1) Birth control: contrary to de Santana’s idea, the Church has always been for family planning, but it is asking us not to consider lightly artificial methods that might be detrimental to our physical, psychological and moral health.



The Big Casino

In Alberta, all bets are on—legally


Closeup / International Affairs

The wronged man

The press savaged Sam Fuda. Now it’s his turn



Is Manitoba ready for a changing of the guard?

Last May, Lily Schreyer did a bit of spring cleaning and finally rid her husband of some old brown brogues he’d worn for 11 years. Premier Ed Schreyer took the news quietly, but put out the word quickly: those shoes which had been donated to a New Democratic Party raffle weren’t just any old shoes—they were his lucky shoes.


Closeup/ Sports

The Wild West Show

Hiding the circuit with tne cowboys of summer



How vast can a wasteland get? Watch and learn

This fall in New York, where the Nielsen rating is a super deity and television merely king, the three American networks are like penitents offering up ever more absurd sacrifices in their quest for the final state of grace: number one in the ratings.



In defense of the planet Earth

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