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October 17, 1977


A renegade in power



A renegade in power

Is Jack Horner still his own man? Or Pierre Trudeau’s?



Peter Ustinov has said of himself; “Sometimes I see myself as the complete gun dog, nose twitching with the wind and going with it." Indeed he has been going with the wind for more than 35 years as actor, playwright, novelist, essayist. His prodigious output includes 18 plays, five books, eight screenplays,two operas and stunning performances in 28 films.



The Long Good-Bye (September 5) concerning the unfortunate demise of Elvis Presley, the man who became a myth, had its moments of poignancy but regrettably was undercut by the closing rhetoric. To many of us, young, old. or in-between, like him or not, Elvis was someone special.



McNee of the Yard

A policeman’s lot is still not a happy one



Rocky's U.N.

Is politics too important to be left to politicians?



The son also rises

Daniel Johnson’s boy will go far, labor permitting



Maclear's Magazine

The same old muckraker, armed with a wider rake


The Referendum Debate

If some Quebeckers want divorce, so be it-as long as they don’t get custody

We have heard enough of “the founding races” of Canada. The question now is not who found Canada, but who is to be lost to Canada? The séparatistes of Quebec claim that they represent a French nation within the territorial boundaries of Canada because they carry the hallmarks of nationhood: first, a definable origin in the France of the 16th century; secondly, occupation of a specific area of land; thirdly, a common language; and fourthly, the will to be a nation.


The World

Has France’s fractured Left snatched defeat from the jaws of victory?

In the elegant 17th-century headquarters of the French Socialist Party on Paris’ historic Place du Palais-Bourbon, the preparations had been nothing if not prophetic. To make room for the two-day summit of the country’s Socialist, Communist and Left Radical Movement party leaders to update their common election platform, the Socialist hosts went so far as to tear down two second-storey walls.


Some people think the West is winning, but they’re wrong. It has already won

There it was the other day, a great vulgar Cadillac Fleetwood, half an oil tanker in length and silver bullet in color and Alberta in license plate, parked outside the Westcoast Transmission tower on Georgia Street in downtown Vancouver. It was, of course, pointed west.

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