November 28, 1977

Closeup/Show Business

Prince of players


The bionics revolution


With Gen. Binyamin Peled, former commander of the Israeli Air Force


Closeup/Show Business

Prince of players

Christopher Plummer, great and small



The bionics revolution

Reality catches up with The Six Million Dollar Man



With Gen. Binyamin Peled, former commander of the Israeli Air Force

He always wanted to be an engineer—and next year, at 50, he will at last have the chance. But in the years between, General Binyamin Peled, who handed over command of the Israeli Air Force at the end of October, has been a fighting man. He went to war in 1948, straight out of high school, and to all intents and purposes he has been at war ever since.


A scandal revisited

CANDU Canada didn’t look evil. Just dumb



See how they run

No, ratings never killed anybody. But stay tuned



The Divine Miss N.

If you don’t know who Kate Nelligan is, you should



A gentleman and a scholar and a judge of fair practice

After reading A Gentleman Of The Old School (October 17) I am in complete agreement with Dr. John Godfrey regarding his sympathies for the Québécois and his insistance on bilingualism at King’s College. As a Scot and an ardent supporter of Scottish nationalism for many years, I can fully understand the frustrations and problems the Québécois have to put up with from the English-Canadian majority.



No, you would not want him to marry your sister



The Mounties: it’s just one damn (or damnable) thing after another

Robert Samson, the former RCMP undercover agent who first revealed Mountie participation in an illegal 1972 break-in at a left-wing news agency in Montreal, had just been asked if he ever underwent special training for his work. Amid chuckles, Samson told a judicial inquiry in Montreal that the only course he took was one to improve his memory.



O Ca-na-da, our home and native movie set

It isn’t so long ago that the making of a Canadian movie was an event, a phenomenon as rare as an eclipse and as widely hailed as the birth of a royal heir. In 12 months that has changed all across the country. So many films have gone into production in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver (40 at last count) that it seemed as if the stars had descended from the Silver Screen to trail their hems in Canadian dirt.


The World

The days of the dove

It was a solemn, momentous occasion—a moment, said Simon Peres, Israeli Labor Party spokesman, “for which Israel had been waiting 30 years.” The symbolism was breathtaking. As the world looked on and listened to the Biblical phrases in which Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and his Israeli host Menachem Begin proclaimed their wish for peace to a hushed Knesset, it seemed as if the psychological breakthrough which Sadat had said he sought from his unprecedented peace mission might really be just round the corner.



Why (probably) Johnny can’t read

At the bottom of a report card marked with straight Fs was a scribbled note from the teacher: “If only he’d pay more attention. If only he’d try to help himself...” Graham Beck, a quiet eight-year-old with an above-average IQ, had failed grade one three times.

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