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CLYDE GILMOUR December 1 1953
Maclean’s Movies

Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR December 1 1953

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Alec Guinness scores again, this time as a subtle sea dog who believes that civilized bigamy is man’s key to happiness. The basic joke seldom runs thin in this roguish British comedy. Mousy Celia Johnson and sexy Yvonne de Carlo are the captain’s better halves.

LITTLE BOY LOST: Bing Crosby does astonishingly well in an almost non-crooning role as an American newsman trying to find out whether a lovable waif (Christian Fourcade) is really his vanished son in France. Sluggish in spots, this is still a good sentimental item for family audiences.

MAIN STREET TO BROADWAY: Brief glimpses of numerous showbusiness celebrities and Tallulah Bankhead’s funny caricature of a demure housewife are hardly enough to outweigh the many deficiencies of this strained, synthetic comedy-drama.

MR. SCOUTMASTER: Clifton Webb, author of TV shows for children, joins the Boy Scouts to freshen up his material. The writers of this movie should have done something equally drastic about theirs.

RETURN TO PARADISE: A leathery adventurer (Gary Cooper) meets a tyrannical missionary (Barry Jones) and a dusky belle (Roberta Haynes) on a Technicolor island in the South Seas. Better-than-average escapism, in authentic Samoan settings.

RIDE, VAQUERO!: Plucky homesteader Howard Keel and his

pantherish wife (Ava Gardner) tangle with bandits Anthony Guinn and Robert Taylor in Mexico. A corny, dead-serious western.

THE SEA AROUND US: Spectacular but haphazard marine photography competes with a banal commentary in a factual film suggested by Rachel L. Carson’s superb best-seller.

SO THIS IS LOVE: The late Grace Moore's early struggles toward soprano stardom are fancifully sketched with Kathryn Grayson singing prettily and fluttering her kewpie-doll lashes.

THUNDER BAY: Jimmy Stewart and Dan Duryea strike oil under water in a Louisiana fishing village. A rather tame ‘‘outdoor actioner,” with Joanne Dru supplying most of the romance.

Gilmour Rates

Bad Blonde: Sexy drama. Poor.

The Band Wagon: Musical. Excellent. Call Me Madam: Musical. Tops.

Champ for a Day: Ring mystery. Good. Charge at Feather River: Western in 3D. Fair.

City of Bad Men: Western. Fair.

City That Never Sleeps: Crime. Fair.

The Cruel Sea: Navy drama. Excellent. Dangerous When Wet: Musical. Good. East of Sumatra: Adventure. Fair.

The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T.: Anti-music fantasy. Fair.

From Here to Eternity: Army-camp

drama. Excellent.

Genevieve: British comedy. Good. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: Comedy plus music. Good.

The Glass Wall: Drama. Fair.

Great Sioux Uprising: Western. Poor. Innocents in Paris: Comedy. Good. Julius Caesar: Shakespeare. Excellent. The Lady Wants Mink: Comedy. Poor.

The Last Posse: Western. Good.

Let’s Do It Again: Comedy. Fair.

Lili: Musical fantasy. Excellent.

The Master of Ballantrae: 1 8th-century comedy-drama. Good.

The Maze: Horror in 3-D. Fair.

Member of the Wedding: Drama. Fair. The Moon Is Blue: Comedy. Good. Moulin Rouge: Drama. Excellent.

Powder River: Western. Fair.

Roman Holiday: Comedy. Excellent.

Shane: Western. Excellent.

South Sea Woman: Comedy. Fair.

Split Second: Suspense. Good.

Stalag 17: Prison-camp tale. Good. Story of Gilbert and Sullivan: Musical biography. Good.

Sword and the Rose: Drama. Fair.

White Witch Doctor: African jungle

melodrama. Fair.

Wings of the Hawk: 3-D western. Fair. Yellow Balloon: Suspense. Excellent. Young Bess: Historical drama. Good.