October 26 1957


October 26 1957


“Give us harmony, not bangs and wails" How teen-agers get along at home Sure cure for gloom in an upset world

Three cheers for courageous Don LeBlanc who dared to attack the jungle beat that pollutes our air waves (We Don’t Have to Put Up with Rock ’n’ Roll, Sept. 28). I find a startling similarity between our teen-agers at a rock ’n’ roll session and blacks I’ve seen go wacky to the same beat in Louisiana swamps. However, if that is living, let ’em have it; but for the rest of us for heaven’s sake give us some harmony, shorn of clicks, bangs and eerie wails.


r0 . . . LeBlanc remembers dancing to String of Pearls and Boogie Woogie. Today my teen-age sister flips over Stardust and It’s Not for Me to Say. We’ve all survived Milkman Keep Those Bottles Quiet, Put Your Arms Around

Me Honey and Shoofly Pie. Songs of this calibre have been junked, as will rock ’n’ ROLL.-PAT WEIR, EDMONTON.

10 ... \ prefer rock 'n' roll to the Big Apple . . .-G. GREENOUGH, MONT-


The Queen and the “cad”

. . . In spite of what Lord Altrincham says and what you say in your editorial (We’re Not Helping the Queen by Stifling Her Critics, Sept. 14) I have heard Elizabeth speak, and certainly she speaks better than 99 percent of British, Americans or Canadians. I here was no need for such insulting remarks. She is a fine young woman who loves her husband and is doing her best to accomplish what is required of her. Like many other women, she has domestic difficulties, and should not be harassed by such published criticisms which can only cause heartache. Lord Altrincham has acted like a CAD.-E. J. NOAD,


0 . . . After reading Bax Takes a Belt at the Queen’s Belted Critics (Sept. 28)

1 must complain that his opinion does not give a comprehensive picture of the United Kingdom to readers in Canada. —PHILIP P. B. WARD, TORONTO.

Rebuttal from teen-agers

I do not agree with Robert Thomas Allen’s views in How to Live with a Teen-age Daughter (Aug. 31). For one thing, few teen-age girls stay up till midnight unless something special is going on. Mr. Allen hasn’t brought out any of the good facts. If he had a choice of keeping his daughter or kicking her out, I am sure he would keep her. A teenager who always gets her way, which it sounds like in this story, has not been brought up properly. 1 know' other teen-

agers will feel the same after reading this story.—s. CLARKSON, POINTE


One way to heat gloom

Poor J. Franklin Reed, your gloomy correspondent who criticized Gabriellc Roy’s joie de vivre in your Sept. 28 Mailbag and who apparently can’t see any good in the world . . . My prescription for Mr. Reed is to get away some place where there are no newspapers and the radio won’t work, but where there are lots of birds, sunsets. I hope he gets good weather.—w. E. K. MIDDLETON, OTTAWA.

West oil discovery

Reporting on new oil developments at innisfail, Alta., you gave the impression in your Preview section (Sept. 14) that Canadian Oil Companies Ltd. had nothing to do with this major discovery. The fact is that the discovery well is owned half by Canadian Oil Companies Ltd. and 25 percent each by Calgary & Edmonton Corporation, and Security Freehold Petroleums Ltd. These companies also hold an interest in a large acreage in the Innisfail area and are proceeding with further development of this new field.—E. C. KENNEDY, SCARBOROUGH, ONT.

Apologies for neglecting to give due credit to Canadian Oil.

A fight against the lake

Congratulations to Tim Palmer on winning his stubborn fight against the relentless force of water (How We Saved Our House from Lake Ontario, Sept. 14). We laughed heartily at his predicament when “in” the hillside. We have some experience in the frustrations involved in trying to save a cottage from the lake, for our own countryside has

been cleared of boulders, barbed wire, old barn foundations and logs to be dumped over the BANK.-SADA N. JOHNSON, PORT STANLEY, ONT.

Will Quebec back Pearson?

Blair Fraser’s reference in his Backstage (The Liberals after St. Laurent, Sept. 28) that the Liberal party should divest itself of the French Catholic label is a new-fashioned recurrence of racial and religious discrimination in Canada. It is shocking to realize this is a result of the last electoral campaign. Quebec will rally to L. B. Pearson as it did to W. L. Mackenzie King. His denomination or language will not be an issue nor will it create a party schism . . .— A. BARBEAU, MONTREAL.


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Í> Are only the Christians good for our society?

As a •‘victim” of patronizing Christians, may 1 say three cheers for Dr. Robert W. Biockway (Were Being Bullied by the Christians. Sept. 14) . . . Census

takers, employers, schools, when they ask your religion, look at you as if you have been written up in Confidential when you tell them you belong to no religion . . . Why can't you just be someone who loves life, God and his fellow man, tries to live decently and just doesn’t find satisfaction in the organized church? ... — MRS. R. WILLS, WINNIPEG.

v0 ... If he truly believes that Canada is not a Christian country I should like to know what he thinks he is doing. He says lie's a minister of Hamilton's First Unitarian Church. According to my dictionary (Oxford Concise) a church is a place for public Christian worship. He must be in the wrong PLACE.-MARGARET FLEMING, TORONTO.

^ ... He doesn’t go far enough . . . not only are school children exposed to Christianity, but Christianity at its lowest level with art work, hymns and stories .. . which convey a view of life either vengeful, morbid or sickeningly sentimental ... - MRS. P. C. FITZ-


00 .. . Dr. Brockway says it had been stated at a Hamilton meeting that “nearly eighty percent of the people in that city are non-churchgoers.” Dr. Brockway misunderstood statistics: eighty percent or ninety percent of the people seeking aid from social agencies in Wentworth County apparently had no church AFFILIATION.-G. s. CHANDLER, EXECUTIVE


Why churches don’t unite

. . . As a one-time Protestant drifting into unbelief, I wish to state, after reading Should the Protestants Unite? (Sept. 14), that Protestant divines seem to be more muddled than I am myself. It seems to me there is only one thing that can, and to a limited degree does, unite Protestant clerics — opposition to the Roman Catholic church. That is not positive enough for me. — ROD FERGUSON, MONTREAL.

Are they not giving pre-eminence to their dogmas and rituals rather than to God? Dr. McDormand stated that “We don’t know enough about the other world.” There is no human being on Earth who knows anything about "the other WORLD.”-J. HILLAS, VANCOUVER.

Why is the church divided into so many different sects? Isn’t it because the church does not adhere to the teachings of the SCRIPTURES?-MRS. ROSA SWANSON, CLIVE, ALTA.

^ ... A member of your panel says: “The greatest political crime in history was the Crucifixion of Jesus." This simply isn’t true. There are hundreds of political crimes of much greater magnitude ... If the Crucifixion was foreordained by an omnipotent, omniscient God, how can the actors be accused of a crime? If a crime occurred, it should be held against the playwright and not the players.—w. MCEWEN, EDMONTON.

Churchill’s admirers explode

In your Preview review' of Trumbull Higgins’ book on Churchill (Aug. 31) you say “Admirers of Churchill will

probably explode.” You are jolly well right. Anyone with an ounce of gratitude or patriotic feeling would "explode” over such RUBBISH.-R. BILL CHISOLM, VICTORIA.

No Memorable Meal in Bath

I was interested in My Most Memorable Meal (Sept. 14) by Celia Franca of the National Ballet, as Bath is my hometown and we were unfortunate enough to receive a direct hit on our home during the raid she is speaking of. My father and I received minor injuries, but during the whole week end I didn’t get one meal, not even coffee and doughnuts!


Sure, women run the country!

Re Mrs. Dorothy Hewitt White's comment in Mailbag that our government is all male, I would like to inform her that Hon. Mrs. Ellen Fairclough is our Secretary of State and Margaret Aitken is a Conservative MP. — FRASER BAIN, AM-