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CLYDE GILMOUR March 16 1957
Maclean’s Movies

Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR March 16 1957

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The Great Man: Moon-faced old Ed Wynn in a brief noncomic role almost steals the show from José Ferrer, the star, director and co-scripter, in this sardonic and literate Hollywood satire on the broadcasting industry. Ferrer appears as a newsman assigned to put together a worshipful “biography in sound” of a dead radio-TV idol whose true identity as a human monster must be concealed from the customers at all costs. Wynn portrays a bumbling but oddly dignified small-town New Englander who gave the deceased his start in radio. The movie is better than AÍ Morgan s novel, on which it is based, and has a special irony in the revised ending.

The Barretts of Wimpole Street: One of history’s favorite true romances gets a twice-over-heavily in this lavish remake of the 1934 success, with Jennifer Jones as the frail Elizabeth Barrett, Sir John Gielgud as her frightening father,t and Bill Travers as the poet Robert Browning. (Norma Shearer, Charles Laughton and Fredric March were in the earlier version.)

The Rainmaker: Hammy and stagey in spots though it is, this is an enjoyable rural comedy-drama. It tells ot a flamboyant but tenderhearted confidence man (Burt Lancaster) who convinces a freckled old maid (Katharine Hepburn) that she is a woman, and a pretty one.

Top Secret Affair: The high-powered news weekly is kidded in this romantic comedy. A spiteful editor (Susan Hayward) and a tough, sharp-witted army general (Kirk Douglas) are the love-hate antagonists. Some of the goings-on are farcically overdrawn, but in the main it s a diverting show.

The Wings of Eagles: Coming from a director as esteemed as John Ford, this is a disappointing entry—a loud, long and shamelessly corny biography of a naval airman (played by John Wayne) who became a Hollywood screenwriter and then a war hero. Maureen O'Hara is his miraculously age-defying wife.


Anastasia: Mystery drama. Good.

Baby Doll: Sexy comedy-drama. Welldone trash. Rating: fair.

The Battle of the River Plate: Navalwarfare drama. Good.

Beyond Mombasa: Jungle drama. Poor.

The Brave One: Mexico drama. Good.

Everything But the Truth: Romantic

comedy. Poor.

Friendly . Persuasion: Comedy-drama re American Quakers. Good.

Full of Life: Comedy. Good.

Giant: Texas drama. Good.

The Girl Can’t Help It: Rock ’n roll comedy. Fair.

Gold Rush: Chaplin reissue. Excellent.

Great American Pastime: Comedy. Fair.

Hollywood or Bust: Comedy. Fair.

House of Secrets: Crime drama. Fair.

The Iron Petticoat: Comedy. Poor.

It’s Great to Be Young: British school comedy. Fair.

The Killing: Crime drama. Excellent.

The King and Four Queens: Western

comedy-drama. Fair.

The Last Wagon: Western. Good.

Loser Takes All: Comedy. Fair.

Man From Del Rio: Western. Good.

Mister Cory: Drama. Good.

Reach for the Sky: RAF drama. Good.

Reprisal: Western. Good.

Secrets of Life: Nature. Excellent.

The Silent World: Undersea true-life drama in color. Tops.

Slander: Drama. Good.

The Solid Gold Cadillac: Big-business comedy. Excellent.

Storm Centre: Drama. Fair.

Teahouse of the August Moon: Army-vs.“natives” comedy. Fair.

Toward the Unknown: Air drama. Good.

The Unguarded Moment: Drama. Good.

Westward Ho the Wagons!: Injuns-vs.settlers western. Good.

The Wrong Man: Drama. Good.

You Can't Run Away From It: Comedy. Fair.

Zarak: Desert melodrama. Fair.