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The Young Stranger: A moving and intelligent drama about the relationship between a busy Hollywood producer (James Daly) and his sixteen-year-old son (well played by James MacArthur, son of actress Helen Hayes). It is marred only slightly by a fleeting touch of glibness at the finish. The story, by Robert Dozier, tastefully avoids the usual “delinquency” clichés, and MacArthur conveys the tensions of adolescence without resorting to mumbled speeches, knife-fighting and psychotic mannerisms.

The Baby and the Battleship: Hardly one of Britain’s wittiest screen comedies, this hearty romp nonetheless stirs up plenty of chuckles and is recommended for family entertainment. It’s about a Royal Navy vessel with a smuggled Italian infant on board. John Mills, Richard Attenborough and Michael Hordern are on hand.

Boy on a Dolphin: Both Sophia Loren and the Greek islands are scenic attractions difficult to resist, and their blandishments help make this CincmaScope comedy-drama an item worth catching. Nothing much happens, though, in its tale of a sunken art treasure hotly sought by a virtuous collector (Alan Ladd) and a rascally one (Clifton Webb).

The Buster Keaton Story: A disappointing biography of the stone-faced, flathatted comedy star of the silent screen. Some of his best routines are amusingly staged by Donald O'Connor, but Keaton’s Hollywood eclipse after the arrival of sound is shown without warmth or insight. Also present: Ann Blyth, Rhonda Fleming, Peter Lorre.

Maddalcna: Simple piety, sadism and sex are portentously mingled in this 1953 Italo-French production, just released in Canada. It tells of a prostitute who is bribed to masquerade as a virgin and portrays the Madonna in an Italian village’s Good Friday procession. The late Marta Toren does well in the title role.


Anastasia: Mystery drama. Good. Bachelor Party: Drama. Good.

The Barretts of W'impole Street: Romantic drama. Fair.

The Brave One: Mexico drama. Good. Brothers in Law: Comedy. Good.

Bundle of Joy: Comedy. Fair.

Designing Woman: Comedy. Good. Drango: South-in-1865 drama. Good.

Fear Strikes Out: Drama. Good.

Kuil of Life: Comedy. Good.

Funny F’ace: Musical. Excellent.

Girl in Black Stockings: Crime. Fair. Goodbye, My Lady: Drama. Good.

Great American Pastime: Comedy. Fair. The Great Man: Drama. Excellent.

The Green Man: Comedy. Fair.

Gunfight at the OK Corral: Western. Good.

The Happy Road: Comedy. Good.

Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison: Drama. Good.

Hot Summer Night: Crime drama. Fair. House of Secrets: Crime drama. Fair. The Incredible Shrinking Man: Science-

fiction thriller. Excellent.

The Killing: Crime drama. Excellent.

Last of the Badmen: Western. Fair.

The Magnificent Seven: Japanese action drama. Good.

Men in War: War drama. Fair.

Mister Cory: Drama. Good.

Oh, Men! Oh, Women!: Comedy. Fair. Paris Does Strange Things: Romantic comedy. Poor.

Plain Sailing: Comedy. Poor.

The Rainmaker: Comedy-drama. Good. The River’s Edge: Action. Fair.

The Search for Bridey Murphy: Drama of “reincarnation.” Poor.

Shadow on the Window: Crime. Fair. The Silent World: Undersea true-life drama in color. Tops.

Smiley: Australia comedy-drama. Good. The Spanish Gardener: Drama. Good. The Spirit of St. Louis: Biographical aviation drama. Good.

Spring Reunion: Comedy-drama. Fair.

Storm Centre: Drama. Fair.

The Tattered Dress: Drama. Fair.

Ten Thousand Bedrooms: Comedy. Good. The True Story of Jesse James: Wild-

West drama. Poor.

12 Angry Men: Drama. Excellent.

The Wrong Man: Drama. Good.