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CLYDE GILMOUR November 19 1960
Maclean’s Movies

Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR November 19 1960

Maclean’s Movies



SURPRISE PACKAGE: Noel Coward (middle) turns in one of his rare but well-done screen performances in this

brisk comedy, directed in Britain by Hollywood's Stanley Donen. His role is that of a deposed and exiled ex-king living in splendor on a small Greek island. The anonymous charmer at right is one of a dozen docile house-pets in the royal ménage. Y ul Brynner appears as a deported Greek-American racketeer, who gets hazardously involved with spies and assassins while he and the king are blandly trying to rob each other. Mitzi Gaynor is also prominent as the racketeer’s bouncy girl-friend from Manhattan. The script, studded with rapidfire wisecracks, is loosely based on a novel by Art Buchwald.

THE ANGRY SILENCE: The industrial tensions that were lampooned in I'm All Right, Jack are treated with gravity and passion in a British drama starring Richard Attenborough as the lone holdout among striking workers in a factory. Ho refuses to join a strike he considers unnecessary, and in retaliation he and his family are cruelly punished by his buddies. The ending is indecisive and coincidental, but perhaps easy "answers” arc hard to find. Rating: good.

AS THE SEA RAGES: Despite occasional strivings toward “documentary” realism, this German-made melodrama is ludicrous without offering the compensation of being funny as well. The scene is a Greek fishing island, ruled by a one-eyed sadist (Cameron Mitchell). With Maria Schell, Cliff Robertson.

CONE OF SILENCE: The mechanical and human stresses inherent in jet-age aviation are thoughtfully explored in a British suspense story about a scries of mysterious plane crashes. With Bernard Lee, Michael Craig, Elizabeth Seal.

THE CROWDED SKY: The jet age again, this time in a Hollywood opus that takes far too long to reach its exciting climax. With Dana Andrews, Rhonda Fleming, Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

I AIM AT THE STARS: Although two or three loose ends are left dangling provocatively at the finish, this is an interesting and timely story about the actual career of Wernher von Braun, who calmly offered his services to Uncle Sam after several years as Hitler’s top rocket scientist. Curt Jurgens abiy handles the central role.

UNDER TEN FLAGS: Another unconventional German from the history books is depicted by Van Heflin, as a compassionate commander in Hitler's navy who avoided bloodshed whenever possible while sinking Allied ships in the Atlantic. Charles Laughton is the Churchillian admiral in London who directs the all-out campaign against him. Rating: good.


The Ansel Wore Red: Melodrama. Poor. The Apartment: Romantic comedy-drama. Excellent.

Bells Are Rinsins: Comedy. Good.

College Confidential: Drama. Poor.

the Dark at the Top of the Stairs:

192t)s domestic drama. Good.

Doctor in Love: Comedy. Fair.

Elmer Gantry: Comedy-drama. Excellent. Fast and Sexy: Italian comedy. Poor.

A Generation: Polish drama. Good.

Hell to Eternity: War drama. Fair. Hiroshima, Mon Amour: French adult

drama. Good.

House of Usher: Horror. Good.

Inherit the Wind: Courtroom drama. Good. Jungle Cat: Wildlife actuality. Good. League of Gentlemen: Comedy-thriller about perfect crime. Good.

Let’s Make Love: Comedy. Good.

Light Up the Sky: War comedy. Poor. The Lost World: Science-fiction. Fair.

Murder, Inc.: Gangster drama. Good. Never Let Go: Crime drama. Fair.

The Night F'ighters: Irish drama. Fair. Nude in a White Car: Mystery. Poor.

Ocean’s Eleven: Comedy-drama. Fair. One Foot in Hell: Western. Fair.

Please Turn Over: Comedy. Fair. Poll.vanna: Comedy-drama. Good.

Psycho: Hitchcock horror. Good.

Royal Ballet: Dance documentary. Good. School for Scoundrels: Comedy. Good. Serious Charge: Adult drama. Good.

7 Ways From Sundown: Western. Good. Song Without End: Biog musical. Good. Strangers When We Meet: Drama. Fair. Studs Lonigan: Slum drama. Poor.

The Subterraneans: “Beat” drama. Poor. Sunrise at Campobelîo: FDR biog drama. Excellent.

]Time Machine: Science-fiction. Fair. Two-Way Stretch: Comedy. Excellent. Walk Like a Dragon: Western. Fair.