October 1, 1909

Geoffrey’s Panklaggephone 2627

Geoffrey’s Panklaggephone

IF you can’t pronounce it, never mind; neither could Casey. It is a sort of amateur Greek-word that Geoffrey made up himself, so it would fit in the same list as telephone, phonograph, cinematograph, megaphone and so on; and Casey was no Greek.
The Dangers of Undereating 9091

The Dangers of Undereating

FEW of the Little Tin Gods of our every-day life are more securely enshrined in the popular Pantheon than the widespread belief in both the virtuousness and the wholesomeness of undereating. We frequently hear it expressed, “If one would always leave the table feeling as if he could have eaten a little more, he would never be sick, and would live to a good old age.”
Stray Stories From India 102103

Stray Stories From India

TO my thinking the best stories from India are those which have a savor of the finesse or subtlety that is characteristic of the Eastern mind. The type of such stories is the well-known reply of a Mahommedan servant who had been out with his master for a day’s snipe-shooting, the result of which was a very meagre bag.
The Ship of Silence 5253

The Ship of Silence

A Tale of the New Canadian Navy
The Protectors of Royalty in Canada 1819

The Protectors of Royalty in Canada

A POLICEMAN is the first person you encounter on entering any public building in the national Capital. There he stands—straight, strong, and stalwart. At the threshold of every departmental structure is an obliging, blue uniformed officer with a spiked helmet adorned with the Dominion coat of arms, trousers with a wide red stripe, and a red and white band around his left arm—the distinguishing mark that he is on duty.
Half the Nine of Hearts 6869

Half the Nine of Hearts

ARTHUR MUYBRIDGE, just out of college, was winding up his trip abroad. Happening to run across Frank Robinson, a New York friend, who was rushing for a train, he had only time to promise to dine with him at the Savoy on the next day, and to make up a rubber at bridge.
Sallery and Pickles 8687

Sallery and Pickles

THE man in his shirt-sleeves wheeling the handcart entered the rural cyclists' rest in a kind of triumph, though such a man and such a vehicle are fairly common objects of the roadside. The latter was but a general dealer’s truck, the other was a young fellow who seemed addicted to odd jobbing, yet whose smartness of bearing spoke of thwarted hopes of the military career.
The Credit System in the West 7475

The Credit System in the West

TO the query as to what had been the foundation for the great progress in the Canadian West, a student of the country would unhesitatingly answer: “the credit system." And yet when questioned as to what was now doing as much as anything else to retard the growth of the country, the same man would answer in the same way.


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Canadian Observance of the Fall Fair 9697

Canadian Observance of the Fall Fair

PREPARATION for the time-honored event—the fall fair— in rural parts, properly speaking, lasts the year round. While February storms expend themselves the inmates of scattered farmhouses pore over splendiferous spring catalogues, which certain astute ones have cunningly launched upon a winter world.
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