April 1, 1917

The Gun Brand 1819

The Gun Brand

A Stirring Romance of the Canadian Far North
Jordan is a Hard Road 3233

Jordan is a Hard Road

A Continused Story of the Earher Days in the North-West
The Motor Roads of Canada 2223

The Motor Roads of Canada

THE APPEAL of the automobile to the favor of mankind is many-sided. To one person its sheer utility may prove to be its most valued feature; to another the opportunity it affords for the pursuit of health or pleasure. One man is fascinated by the mechanism itself and takes rare delight in the perfect motion of engine and running gear; his neighbor derives his satisfaction from the exhilaration of rapid motion and the shattering of speed records.
The Centre of Gravity 2627

The Centre of Gravity

A Story of the Gold Boom Days in British Columbia
The Wandering Mummy 1011

The Wandering Mummy

CAPT. FRANK LEIGH-MERVYN turned from Regent Street down mews in which was located Scobald’s. Curio Shop. He often picked up for a couple of shillings some trinket which he later passed on to an acquaintance at a profit. It happened that the usual weekly auction sale was on.
Shall We Slay the Senate? 2829

Shall We Slay the Senate?

LET ME put the reader out of suspense at once by saying that we shall not slay the Senate. We shall not slay it for two good reasons—because we do not desire to do so. and because the Senate will not let us. This has not always been my attitude toward the Senate.
Why Wilson is Waiting 1617

Why Wilson is Waiting

HISTORY is being enaeted in the United States to-day a great deal faster than it can be written. As I write. American ships are moving out of New York harbor for European norts in defiance of Germany’s submarine zore. They are not arming for the present because if they were armed that fact might seem to give excuse for Germany’s attacks on neutral merchantmen.
How Motor Trucks Cut Cost 5859

How Motor Trucks Cut Cost

An Article on the Problems of Delivery and Service.
Grey Cloud 1415

Grey Cloud

IN CRAG HART could be encountered all the elemental units which entitled him to be rightfully termed the King of the Alaskan. dog-punchers. He was the breathing, implacable. Indian-like embodiment of that sacred crew of Arctic spartans.
Developments in the 1917 Car 4243

Developments in the 1917 Car

The Story of the Magic Achieved by Automobile Makers.
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