January 22, 1979

The new age of Indian Art 2425
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The new age of Indian Art

It all started as a dream. In 1957 Norval Morrisseau was visited one night by the Thunderbird, an Ojibway deity, who told him he had been chosen for a special mission. “I was scared,” says Morrisseau, “and tried to run away. ‘Don’t be afraid,’ said the Thunder god.

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There is no need for the kind of highly subjective journalism represented in the column, The Study of the Mind . . . (Dec. 11), attacking psychiatry. Certainly it is possible to find patients in even the most prestigious treatment centres of the world whose problems— whether medical or psychiatric—have been tragically mishandled.
Clark steps out—Chapter 1 1415
Canadian News

Clark steps out—Chapter 1

In Tokyo, Conservative leader Clark was still “Joe, Dare Desuka” —as in, “who is he?”—when Japan’s government and business leadership took their measure of the 39-year-old Albertan last week. In New Delhi, where it must have been Thursday of Clark’s timewarping blitz around the globe, the sizeup was a more conventional chore when Clark took himself off to a tailor to buy shirts and a new pair of slacks: his change of clothes was back in Bangkok, where luggage had to be ditched in a scramble caused by an ineptly-booked connecting flight.
Millions betting billions Q against the spread 3435

Millions betting billions Q against the spread

When the Dallas Cowboys meet the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XIII in Miami, Sunday, it will mean the end of the longest season in the history of the National Football League. The game will mean upward of $50 million for the coffers of hotel, restaurant, store and bar owners on the sun-bleached strip.
The new Valdy puts his shoes on 45

The new Valdy puts his shoes on

"I got tired of doing three-chord country and western songs. I needed a change,” says Valdy, the enigmatic king of what one acerbic critic dubbed “compost country.” After a three-year hiatus from composing, Valdy has decreed “there’ll be no more laying back.”
Apocalypse in one clean shot 4647

Apocalypse in one clean shot

THE DEER HUNTER Directed by Michael Cimino
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In many ways it has been a star-spangled bummer season for NFL pro cheerleaders, but the 36 members of the Dallas Cowgirls—veterans that they are—plan to put it all behind them when they shimmy into Miami Sunday for their third consecutive Super Bowl assignment.
Paradise not yet lost ■ ■ ■ 3839

Paradise not yet lost ■ ■ ■

The equatorial sun streamed down as the diver drifted through dancing fish and the coral wilderness of a Pacific reef, hovering at a cliff edge which dropped 2,000 feet into cobaltblue stillness. Then the spell broke. “Suddenly five or six huge grey sharks came churning up from the bottom and several more raced in from the shallows,” recalls Alan Emery, a marine scientist at Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum, who sets off Jan. 25 on another adventure, this time to the virtually unexplored Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean.
Why should we spend a couple of billion bucks for a job that doesn’t need doing? 4849

Why should we spend a couple of billion bucks for a job that doesn’t need doing?

Pierre Trudeau and his front-line troops on Parliament Hill claim in the face of high unemployment and a supine dollar that there is nothing really wrong with Canada, if only Canadians would start believing in themselves. John Diefenbaker used to talk the same line, condemning the voices of Gloom and Doom in the Opposition.
‘Now, if only Cheever, Bellow or Singer could be useful like Arthur Hailey...' 4041

‘Now, if only Cheever, Bellow or Singer could be useful like Arthur Hailey...'

For a literary man, I suffer from an embarrassingly unretentive memory. Years of reading have undoubtedly enriched my life, but they have left me with only an immortal sentence here, a great phrase there, that I can summon up for instant recall:
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